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Why are the protestors surrounding the presidential palace in Mali?

Protests have erupted internationally in recent months, as 2020 is a year of profound global upheaval. Mali is no different with thousands protestors demonstrating in the streets of the nations capital city, Bamako. But are protests different in Mali? What factors are contributing the protests here?
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Government failure
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Government failure

The same issues feed the protests in Mali as is the case globally, dissatisfaction with government and the COVID-19 pandemic, however Mali differs as the conditions the country is dealing with are much more pronounced, as is the anger. Protestors in Mali are accusing President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita of mismanaging numerous crises in the country and are demanding he step down as the country’s leader. Ongoing issues of political instability, terrorist insurgency, failures of state security, a failing economy and a looming COVID-19 health crisis are contributing to fears in the country. As protest organiser Ben Adama Diarra put it, "there is no security, no jobs, everyday we record deaths [and] Mali is becoming a large cemetery" [1].

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