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Who was Marcus Garvey?
Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. was born in Jamaica in 1887; he remains an influential figure in Black History and was a key leader in the pre-civil rights movement fight for equal rights for African Americans. Who was Marcus Garvey and why was he such an influential figure?
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Garvey the entrepreneur

Marcus Garvey was an influential black entrepreneur, leader and visionary who attempted to improve the position of black people in the American Economy and internationally. Garvey founded not only the Universal Negro Improvement Association, an organisation aimed at increasing black racial pride and self-improvement, but restaurants, a newspaper, a publishing company, various stores and services, and the world’s first black-owned shipping company in the United States. Although Garvey’s vision of a comprehensive and independent black owned economy never fully came to fruition, his message of self sufficiency, strength and support is still influential today with many black thinkers, activists and business people.