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Should eSports become an Olympic sport?

During the coronavirus pandemic a number of sporting events have already gone virtual. While the vast majority of sports are being cancelled or postponed amid international restrictions on movement and social gatherings, the car racing void left by NASCAR and Formula One was filled by eSport racing events. Formula One’s race actually had some tech savvy professional Formula One drivers competing and attracted over 280,000 viewers, and in the last two decades eSports have grown from amateur events to a billion dollar market. This begs the question; with iRacing playing an important role for sports fans in a time of lockdown is it time to take eSports more seriously? Should we see eSports entering into more traditional sporting events? Should eSports become part of the Olmypics? aljazeera.com/news/2020/03/coronavirus-sporting-events-affected-outbreak-200310084205890.html thesun.co.uk/sport/11230881/virtual-f1-liam-payne-ian-poulter-guanyu-zhou
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Like archery, curling, or even skating, gymnastics or martial arts, eSports are a competition of reflexes, strategy, teamwork and creativity, just because they are not a demonstration of physical prowess shouldn’t mean they are not considered true sport, as some Olympic events are already displays of skill without the explosive release of energy. Meanwhile a new generation of video game watchers is cropping up, as YouTube channels that primary show people playing video games have become one of the most popular formats on the site, earning hundreds of millions of views and making millions of dollars from such content. In this way eSports could be a massive boost to the Olympics bringing in a new generation of spectator, which is why the possibility of eSports becoming an Olympic event has already been discussed as a possibility for the 2024 Olympic games.

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