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Is Elon Musk right to try and take humanity to Mars?

Billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Elon Musk has sought to rekindle interest in space exploration since 2001, when he laid the foundation for his company SpaceX, which has set out to cut the cost of space travel to enable human colonisation of Mars. In 2020 SpaceX became the first private company to take astronauts to the International Space Station, a small goal in Musk’s lofty hopes to establish a human colony on Mars by 2050. However Musk is not without his critics and many view the SpaceX mission as far-fetched. Will life on Mars be a sensible viable goal or a frivolous and meaningless distraction? Could life on Mars save the human race from a bleak future on Earth? inverse.com/article/51291-spacex-here-s-the-timeline-for-getting-to-mars-and-starting-a-colony
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Yes, but due to innovation not Mars

While it may not be feasible anytime soon and is probably unlikely on the heady timescale Musk has proposed, trying to accomplish such a daring feat will inevitably lead to a monumental amount of unforeseen innovation and technological development. Life on Mars may not be as profitable or desirable as Musk hopes, but the technologies developed in trying to revolutionise space travel may be more useful in the medium term. For example revolutionising Internet speeds with satellite systems, realistic advances to asteroid mining, and increasing the number of countless important experiments being conducted in zero gravity on the ISS, could prove hugely profitable for SpaceX, Musk and humanity.

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