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How have the Crusades been misunderstood?

The crusades are often depicted as an inspiration to western imperialism, a brutish and unjust series of holy wars waged in the name of religion for the purpose of greed. The memory of the crusades is often viewed through the modern lens, used politically or linked with later trends, while speculation and legend surrounding Catholic military orders such as the Knights Templar have fed into the popular misunderstanding of this period of world history. How have the Crusades been misunderstood in modern times, and how can history shed light on this period and give us a more accurate view? firstthings.com/article/2009/06/inventing-the-crusades
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Not simply Christian aggression
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Not simply Christian aggression

While the crusades are most often depicted as an unprovoked attack on Muslim lands, these assertions are possibly based on a naïve understanding that medieval geography was similar to present day national borders and demographics, and fails to consider the historical backdrop to this period of history. The Crusades directly followed a period of Islamic expansion, as the Seljuk Empire conquered most of Anatolia from the Christian Byzantine Empire, and Crusaders sent by the Catholic Church were heeding a cry for help from these newly conquered Christian territories to the East. In this way the Crusades were not a period of psychopathic Christian aggression, but a complex web of political and individualistic ambitions set to a backdrop of warring empires and widespread conquest. It is ironic that people from all sides of the political spectrum have today ended up accepting the same mis-framing of this period of history.

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