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What is different about the anti-government protests in Bulgaria?

Bulgarians have taken to the streets for nearly a month now in order to protest the government despite mounting coronavirus fears. However it is more than post-pandemic economic concerns driving this social movement, as the break out of sustained civil demonstrations in Bulgaria follows a deep political crisis. During such unprecedented times of great social change and international social movements, why are the protests in Bulgaria much more politically aimed? What is behind the political protests in Bulgaria?
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Complete government failure

The protests were directly sparked by a series of political scandals that ended in a police raid orchestrated by the unpopular General Prosecutor, Ivan Geshev, whose office raided president Rumen Radev’s offices with the aid of heavily armed officers. However these events were simply the straw that broke the camels back, as Bulgaria has consistently ranked as the most corrupt member of the European Union. Former US ambassador to Bulgaria, James Pardew, described the Bulgarian government as one that has “produced a national political environment with little government or criminal accountability and no serious opposition to challenge the current government” [1]. People have been left with little other choice then but to protest against this mafia model of governance, so while social issues and the coronavirus has defined protest movements elsewhere, protests in Bulgaria have their sights clearly on this very dismal government failing.

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