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How has Sudan benefitted from the revolution?

Despite many worldwide revolts against corrupt governments being on going, and despite Sudan suffering through many massacres and enduring a large human cost during the revolution, they have already managed to be a beacon of hope for those fighting corruption worldwide. If a 30-year dictatorship of such an openly repressive regime can be brought to an end in Sudan it seems there is hope for other campaigns internationally. Sudan now faces a tentative situation as it attempts to transition to a civilian government, but some positive shifts have already begun. How has Sudan already benefited from the revolution that deposed former dictator Omar Al Bashir?
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A renewed role for women in society
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A renewed role for women in society

Women played a prominent role in the protest movement in Sudan, figures such as Ahlam Khidir and Alaa Salah became courageous and powerful symbols of change during the uprising. The revolution has already seen a change in the strict public order of society under Omar al-Bashir, an ideology "based in terror and discrimination" according to Sudanese human rights activist Hala al-Karib [1]. Through the intentional dismantling of the public order law of al-Bashir’s National Congress Party Sudan is helping to bring an end to women suffering under the law, and a former teacher is becoming Sudan’s most powerful woman. Aisha Musa el-Said, a prominent Sudanese social critic, has become a civilian member of the Sovereignty Council, putting her in the important position to further shape the whole of women in Sudanese society from inside Sudan’s interim government.

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