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What happened to the Water in Flint, Michigan?

A public health crisis emerged in Flint, Michigan in 2014 when wide spread water contamination followed a change of the city’s water supply. Lead, coliform bacteria, trihalomethanes, and outbreaks of Legionnaires disease led to extensive health problems and fatalities in the city. What caused it, what were the repercussions, and how does the issue stand today?
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The bigger second scandal and cover up
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The bigger second scandal and cover up

The Flint water scandal is one of the worse environmental/political corruption issues in recent US history, with major failings of both local government and private companies at multiple stages in the crisis. However, while the initial scandal of the Flint water crisis is shocking enough, the blatant attempt cover-up the tragically on-going nature of this situation is all the more shocking. Investigative journalist Jordan Chariton returned to cover the outcome of the Flint scandal in recent years and through interviewing residents found evidence of corruption and an attempt to cover up the fact that lead contaminants are still high and health problems still on-going. Chariton found that authorities have been illegally flushing water lines before taking lead samples, breaking Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drinking water regulations, in an effort to flush out the still extremely high levels of toxic lead.

vice.com/en_us/article/z3bdp9/michigans-ex-gov-rick-snyder-knew-about-flints-toxic-waterand-lied-about-it medium.com/status-coup/exclusive-flint-water-declared-restored-after-michigan-s-environmental-agency-broke-epa-testing-3e2fc1f91a70 statuscoup.com/ex-mi-gov-rick-snyders-state-owned-phone-seized-in-flint-water-crisis-investigation youtube.com/watch?v=yJ_jA0KK5B8

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