Daniel Halliday
Dec 25 · Last update 1 mo. ago.
Is international aid always a force for good?
International aid is the donation of resources of some kind from one country to another in order to tackle humanitarian disasters. However situations requiring aid often remain ongoing which has led some to question the efficacy of aid and others to criticise it outright. Does international aid giving always lead to ethical outcomes?
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Aid fuels corruption
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Aid fuels corruption

International aid fuels one industry in Africa and that is corruption, regardless of the form aid takes, whether it is money or food, it doesn’t directly reach the people it is meant to and helps line the pockets of those in least need of aid. In the case of food or medicine the full amount of aid is often divided with a proportion then sold on the black market or sent directly to those with connections to corrupt politicians. But this culture of corruption goes further than African politics, with long term development aid organisations becoming bloated bureaucracies in themselves, perpetuating aid becomes an advantage to the company and the cycle of aid dependence corrupts the society it has been set up to save.