Daniel Halliday
Dec 29 · Last update 17 days ago.
Is Vladislav Surkov responsible for the rise of global misinformation?
Vladislav Surkov is a personal adviser to Vladimir Putin and has been accused of utilising misinformation to undermine freedom of the press and democracy in Russia. But is it the influence of Surkov that has led to the rise of misinformation and fake news outside of Russia also? Have Surkov’s tactics of engineering social confusion, in order to undermine and control the political narrative, become influential elsewhere in the world?
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Yes, he has played a large role

Valdislav Surkov has been accused of masterminding political PR of the Putin regime, utilising media, political parties and social movements to manipulate public opinion generating a theatrical level of misinformation to perpetually bewilder the Russian public. In October 2016 hacked emails of Vladislav Surkov’s office showed evidence of Surkov’s personal input into efforts to destabilise and influence the political landscape in Ukraine. Misinformation has arguably become a popular device in destabilising political narratives around the world, with political regimes that use similar tactics coming into power in countries as diverse as the United States, Brazil, the Philippines and Hungary.