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What will be the biggest future technological shifts in Japan?

Japan is widely considered a highly technological country with many Japanese companies dominating consumer electronics, robotics and automobiles markets for decades. However Japanese companies are struggling to adapt to the age of smartphones and tablets as American, Korean and Chinese companies are leading global sales and innovation in this ubiquitous tech. This has set many Japanese companies on the hunt for non-traditional technology markets to establish a place in future technological shifts before they become widespread. What will be the biggest future technological shifts in Japan? What hurdles will Japan face in keeping up in the great technology race? What effects are these developments likely to have on Japan’s people and culture? washingtonpost.com/world/as-apple-and-samsung-dominate-japans-tech-giants-are-in-a-free-fall/2012/09/28/04c6eb36-0944-11e2-afff-d6c7f20a83bf_story.html
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Prior even to a full roll out of 5G technology in the country, DOCOMO, one of Japan’s leading telecommunications companies, published a white paper outlining their aim to lead the way globally in rolling out 6th Generation mobile communication technology by 2030. This has mirrored the Japanese government’s position on 6G, as the country lags behind the United States, South Korea and China as it rolls out 5G in spring 2020, the government has expressed the intention to collect a panel of researchers and private sector experts to lead this mission. If Japan can succeed in this it will be a hub of technology for generations into the future and would help to take pressure from the Japanese economy. However, like 5G, it could also have a number of social consequences and the country will inevitably by dealing with growing automation that may cause widespread job loss, as the Internet of Things becomes a more ever-present reality.

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