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Does 5G pose a health risk?

Following multiple arson attacks on 5G antennae in the UK, Cabinet Minister Michael Gove has given a press conference calling 5G health risk stories “dangerous nonsense”, as they are thought to have inspired the attacks. Online conspiracy theories linking 5G technology to a range of health conditions, from cancer to COVID-19, have become increasingly common online as videos and articles on the subject have been shared widely on social media. But is there any truth or credible proof to these theories? Or is Gove right to call this misinformation out as dangerous nonsense? thesun.co.uk/news/11328115/coronavirus-5g-michael-gove-nonsense
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No, this is dangerous nonsense

Conspiracy theories regarding mobile communications technologies are nothing new and each new generation of mobile technology raises similar health concerns, as have many other forms of technology in the past, such as high voltage power lines and microwave ovens. Regardless of these being reoccurring themes, 5G health conspiracy theories are not just an online phenomenon, these latest theories are responsible for criminal damage and harassment of telecom workers. Likewise the Internet is not the only place this misinformation is being spread, as the UK media regulator, Ofcom, launched an investigation against Uckfield FM, a radio station based in Sussex, following a broadcast in which a guest stated that 5G technology has caused the coronavirus pandemic and was not challenged by broadcasters. Such assertions are baseless, negate the facts at hand and are encouraging damaging acts of vandalism, harassment, and could inspire people to break pandemic lockdown and help spread COVID-19.

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