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How did so many Nazis flee to South America?

Nazi Germany is still widely held as the darkest chapter in human history, the regime presiding over one of the most appalling mass murders on record. However very few Nazi party members faced justice at the Nuremburg Trials, and a significant number of high-ranking Nazi party members actually fled to the American continent, most often to South American countries. How did so many Nazis accomplish this, and manage to avoid the Nuremburg Trials? historyhit.com/nazi-war-criminals-convicted-at-the-nuremberg-trials
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Ratlines were a system of secret routes used by Nazis and other fascists to escape Europe following the Second World War. The Catholic Church aided the establishment of the Ratlines, Nazi sympathiser bishop Alois Hudal used his position and Vatican resources to aid fleeing Nazis by giving them false identities, allowing them to blend in with the millions of displaced peoples following the war. Hudal openly bragged about helping a number of wanted high ranking Nazi war criminals to escape to South America, including Adolf Eichmann, Gustav Wagner, Franz Stangl, and Alois Brunner. This allowed certain regions of Latin America to become Nazi safe havens, and helped fascist ideals flourish on the continent throughout the 20th century.

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