No, this is the result of the devaluing of cultural capital

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The anti "cancel culture" letter piblished in Harper's Magazine must be understood in the context of the majority who signed it: a group of exceptionally wealthy and powerful people who cannot take criticism of their often prejudiced views and opinions. What these people do or have to say is becoming less valued as something special as public communication is being revolutionised by social media, but as elites this is something that many of these people are not used to. J. K. Rowling is a key example, can she really be described as a victim? She has so much money and so many platforms to reach her many millions of readers, no matter that she cannot be cancelled. Cancel culture will not be ended by the Harper's letter as for most that have signed it it say more about them than the wider culture, demonstrating that it is getting more difficult for many of these celebrities to navigate these changing times.

Aug 7, 2020