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Has Google achieved Quantum Supremacy?

The use of quantum mechanics in the world of computers has lead to an important question, whether or not a quantum computation device can be used to solve a computational problem that a classical computer cannot solve. This question of “quantum supremacy” potentially holds the key to a massive breakthrough in using quantum physics to accurately model the natural world. In October 2019 Google claimed to have achieved this technological milestone using their Sycamore quantum computer, however IBM have countered urging skepticism over the claim. Have Google achieved quantum supremacy or is this a conceited attempt at marketing or advancing their company’s stocks? quantamagazine.org/google-and-ibm-clash-over-quantum-supremacy-claim-20191023
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Google hasn’t achieved quantum supremacy

It is not clear at this point if Google has achieved quantum supremacy, the problem being that proving quantum supremacy requires not just the machine but a suitable problem that can be run on both a quantum and classical computer. While Google has claimed its Sycamore machine calculated a quantum calculation in 200 second that would take a classical computer 10,000 years, IBM claims to have carried out the same computational problem in 2.5 days. For this reason IBM has questioned Google’s programming of the computational problem used, and therefore accused Google of overstating their claim to quantum supremacy. In addition Google have not yet published their findings on the matter so this hasn’t been peer reviewed and is currently based on Google’s assertions. It is more likely that this is a publicity stunt on Google’s part, a search for more of the massive amount international funding going into quantum computing technology.

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