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Were the Japanese government right to scrap the US missile defence system?

Since 2017 the Japanese government had approved the purchase of two Aegis Ballistic Missile Defence Systems from the United States consisting of both Aegis-equipped destroyers at sea and Patriot missiles on land. But the Japanese government have recently backtracked and have cancelled the $4.1 billion 30-year contract. This all comes at a time of massive escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula, and growing tensions between China and the United States. What was behind the Japanese governments decision here? Was Japan right to back out of such a large defensive system purchase at this time? time.com/5859133/japan-aegis-ashore-missile-defense
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No, Japan should focus on security

In the weeks following North Korea demolishing a liaison office with the South as a symbolic gesture of anger, a move like this for Japan seems misguided. There is a very real need for defensive measures at such a time, and this move has prompted Abe to begin talking about using these funds for more provocative measures - acquiring pre-emptive strike capabilities. This would be unconstitutional for Japan and massively controversial, the government should be focusing on security and not withdrawing from security plans, and potentially harming relations with its main ally, in order to seek more aggressive foreign policy.

usnews.com/news/us/articles/2020-06-25/japan-confirms-its-scrapping-us-missile-defense-system miamiherald.com/news/business/article243561797.html

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