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Should Mexican cartels be designated terror organisations?

Following the massacre of American Mormons, the Langford family of the secluded La Mora community in Northern Mexico, in November 2019, US President Donald Trump expressed his intention to designate the cartels responsible as terrorist organisations, calling for a “war” on Mexican drug cartels. Rival drug cartels are thought to be responsible for burning three women and six children alive in their car after it broke down 110km from the US border. Citing not only the Langford family massacre but the US opioid crisis, Trump later stressed his intention to cooperate with the Mexican government and not intervene directly, and backtracked on his intention to designate Mexican cartels terrorists at the request of Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Why is the issue of cartels so difficult and what has caused this turn around in US foreign policy? Should Mexican drug cartels be designated and fought as terrorist organisations? telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/12/07/donald-trump-backs-plans-designate-mexican-cartels-terrorists
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Yes, it would make it easier to fight them

Cartels carry out terror campaigns, killing Mexicans and Americans, directly and through their illicit trade, they should be recognised for what they are and this could also help in fighting them. If drug cartels were designated terrorist organisations it could make it much easier to prosecute individuals or organisations found supporting cartels and unravel their support network, as financial institutions would be legally compelled to make aware the cartel's funds to the US Treasury. This will inevitably happen despite Trump’s turnaround, as the situation is getting progressively worse and cartels are so well armed and funded it will undoubtedly cause growing militarism in the future. The tactics and level of violence used by cartels is reminiscent of international terror organisations, while cartels have had an additional corrupting and destabilising force on Mexico, they need to be called out for what they are so appropriate measures can be taken.

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