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What has caused India’s economic slow down?

India’s economy has long been cited as one of most rapidly developing globally, but fears have mounted in recent years that the country’s economy is slowing down. Cars, motorcycles, and scooters, thought to be a good indicator of economic stability, have been declining dramatically, with a 36% drop in auto sales and parts leading some companies to even halt production altogether. But this decline has hit many different sectors, real estate is in a slump too with some developers having to abandon projects due to a fall in investment, and many are now seeking government intervention. How serious is India’s economic decline and why is the economy slowing down? morungexpress.com/slowdown-continues-domestic-passenger-cars-sales-plunge-36
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Banking crisis
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Banking crisis

The role of the banking sector in a country’s economy is substantial as banks play the crucial role of delivering financial resources to where they are most needed. India’s growth has slowed in part due to a recent banking crisis in the country, causing a marked slowing in this essential industry and meaning credit is not reaching wherever it was needed, slowing the economy as a whole. This is largely due to poor decision making in the banking sector, with problems such as asset-liability mismatching due to incorrect timeframes, delays in recognising Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) when people fail to make interest payments, and even fraud and a lack of adequate corporate governance standards factoring in also. India has done a lot to tackle issues in banking, but more regulations need to be in place to make public and private sector banking more efficient, accurate and transparent.


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