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Should Japan be investing more in geothermal energy?

Following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster in 2011 many activists, commentators, and even the former Prime Minister, called for an end to nuclear power in the country. Considering the cost and slow construction of nuclear power plants it is unlikely that they will have such an important role in the future of Japanese energy. Japan does however have a potential hotbed of geothermal power sites, given the country’s physical geography. The government currently plan to rely on renewable energy regeneration for 22-24% of the country’s energy needs by 2030. Should Japan be doing more to ramp up geothermal energy production in a push to a more sustainable energy future? power-technology.com/comment/japan-energy-mix commonsensecanadian.ca/ex-japanese-pm-speaks-fukushima-risks-nuclear-power
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Yes, Japan should exploit this renewable resource

Japan has one of the largest geothermal reserves in the world but currently has only developed 2.2% of the 23GW the country could possibly harness from its geology. The majority of potential geothermal sites are located inside Natural Parks so the Natural Parks Act has restricted development, which is why the utilisation of geothermal energy in Japan has been slow compared to Indonesia, the US and the Philippines. Although these restrictions were lifted following the Fukushima Disaster and 40 exploration projects are already under way. However the government still forecast that geothermal energy would only contribute around 1% to Japan’s energy needs by 2030, and are pushing nuclear energy to enable the reduction of fossil fuel usage. More should be done to invest in geothermal energy to utilise the power of the Earth’s energy to reduce Japan’s dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy, a step towards a more sustainable energy future.


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