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Does Lebanon face a danger in legalising the cultivation of cannabis?

Lebanon is in the midst of political and economic turmoil, as civil disobedience is becoming commonplace amidst massive unemployment, a stagnating economy, a currency crisis and widespread condemnation of consistently corrupt and inept sectarian rule. The country now looks set to tackle this financial downturn by following the recommendation of an American management consultancy company, McKinsey & Company, who ended a five year study of the Lebanese economy with the recommendation of legalising the cultivation of cannabis in order to boost economic development. However this remains a controversial change of law with critics expressing concern over the obvious issues of drug use and the current criminality of the industry in the country. What dangers does the country face in legalising cannabis cultivation? Or will this be a positive change for the troubled country? time.com/5707097/lebanon-protests edition.cnn.com/2018/07/18/health/lebanon-medicinal-cannabis-intl/index.html
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No, just an economic boost to the country

If we want to understand the impact that legalising cannabis can have on a countries economy the United States is the perfect testing ground, as not only have eleven states passed legislation to fully legalise cannabis, but there is a range of different cannabis legislation in every state. In the states that have fully legalised cannabis use a new industry has formed thought to be worth $3.2 billion to the US economy, but more applicable to Lebanon’s consideration, the United States was home to a $5.1 billion medicinal cannabis industry by 2017, with both sectors looking set to grow rapidly in the future. Meanwhile similar changes look set to take place in Europe as the push to legalise cannabis production and consumption has started with Luxembourg in 2019. This could be a massive advantage for Lebanon, as cannabis has a multitude of different industries that can utilise this crop, from paper and clothing to medicine and even food, and with numerous states already legalising cannabis in some form, Lebanon has the prospect of becoming an export hub through early adoption.

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