Daniel Halliday
Dec 5 · Last update 4 days ago.
Should the Canadian Trans Mountain pipeline expansion go ahead?
The issue of oil pipelines has been a matter of controversy in Canada for many decades, and this latest expansion is not without its share of debate. For this year’s International Mountain Day should we not consider the long term implication of such a project? With that in mind should this project really go ahead? un.org/en/events/mountainday
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This rekindling of an old issue in Canada now has bigger implications
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This rekindling of an old issue in Canada now has bigger implications

The first debate on the Canadian pipeline issue took place in the 1950's over the TransCanada pipeline, the countries first natural gas pipeline. But it wasn’t until numerous oil spills in the 1970’s, the worst of these being the SS Arrow oil spill with 11,330 tons of crude oil covering 75 miles of coastline, that pipelines became a heavily protested issue. Protests have continued to grow as oil spills have repeated, with eight major oil spills occurring in the last ten years in Canada alone. However as increasing climate research has led to climate change becoming such a pressing issue in recent years, the implications of Trudeau’s policies concerning government owned pipeline expansion seem at odds with his self proclaimed “unwavering commitment to fight climate change” narrative. pm.gc.ca/eng/news/2017/06/01/statement-prime-minister-canada-response-united-states-decision-withdraw-paris