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Is the current situation in Haiti linked to the countries revolutionary past?
Haiti’s Revolution was the largest successful revolt against slavery in history and the only one to lead to the founding of a new state for those free from slavery. However Haitian society today remains in turmoil and the country has the lowest Human Development Index of the whole of the American continent. How did Haiti end up in this situation and how big a part did its revolutionary past have to play in this?
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The Haitian Revolution has undoubtedly had lasting effects on Haiti as a country but there are some direct outcomes of this revolt that have crippled Haiti until present. One such example is Haiti’s huge independence debt, demanded by France in 1825 through an act of gunboat diplomacy. In order for France to recognise Haiti’s sovereignty the former colonising power demanded 150 million Francs (later lowered to 90 million - $21 billion USD presently) from Haiti to compensate France for the loss of its slave colony and the slave population with it. This debt, plus its interest, took Haiti until 1947 to fully pay off, leaving the country with a huge amount of spiralling debt that without doubt led the country to its current economically unstable position.