Daniel Halliday
Feb 10 · Last update 6 days ago.
What can we learn from the Iraq War?
The Iraq War started in 2003 when a coalition of US, UK and other forces invaded Iraq with the intent of toppling the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. However 15 years of violence followed and the country remains unstable with a large insurgent presence in the country. What lessons can be taken from this conflict?
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Toppling dictatorships causes power vacuums
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Toppling dictatorships causes power vacuums

The Iraq War was started for various reasons, many of which were consequently proven to be inaccurate, but ultimately the true aim was to topple Saddam Hussein’s regime. However, just as with Libya years later, deposing a dictator, with such a long history of using authoritarian power to subdue a divided population, can release a level of inter-community violence that is hard to control. In the case of Iraq there was an explosion of hostility between Sunni and Shia factions, and with the addition of US coalition mismanagement of the situation, some have even labelled this post war period as a sectarian civil war in Iraq.