Daniel Halliday
Mar 2 · Last update 18 days ago.
Is 5G really going to be that revolutionary?
5G or 5th Generation cellular mobile communications technology is the latest advance in mobile communications technology set to be introduced internationally in 2019 to replace 4G. It has been claimed that 5G will be faster, reduce latency, save energy, reduce costs and increase connectivity and some have speculated that its introduction will be revolutionary. What can we really expect from the introduction of 5G this year, is 5G all it’s cracked up to be?
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Yes, more so than previous technologies

As we have seen with 3G and especially 4G, advances in mobile technology have revolutionised our ease of access to the internet and completely changed the way most people communicate. Likewise 5G is likely to see us integrating more with existing augmented reality technologies in a similar way to how 4G paved the way for the integration of social media and apps into our daily lives. However considering the amazing potential the Internet of Things, autonomous transport, augmented reality and especially virtual reality applications may have, 5G could be completely revolutionary and change communication, entertainment, a multitude of professions, and everyday life, forever.