Daniel Halliday
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Was the Supreme Court of India right to lift the ban on women entering the Hindu Temple of Sabarimala?
An Indian Supreme Court ruling revoked a ban on women of menstruating age entering the Hindu Sabarimala Temple in Kerala in an effort to reduce gender inequality in India. This decision was met with large scale protests outside the temple which became violent when two women attempted to enter the temple for the first time since the court's decision, with stones being thrown and riot gear having to be worn to ensure the women's safety. With such a large scale backlash was this the right decision for the courts to make?
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Freedom of religion needs to be respected also
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Freedom of religion needs to be respected also

The rights of religious people to uphold their belief of the wishes of Lord Ayappa and the purity of the building need to be upheld to protect a free society. There are many benefits both social and economic in upholding tradition, but one right should not be of higher importance than another. Most Hindu temples have a similar rule while women are menstruating and this remains commonplace throughout India. It could also be comparable to Muslims and Orthodox Christians separating congregation by sex, which most societies recognise them as free to do.