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How can international neutrality be encouraged?
Arguably, encouraging international neutrality, with more countries having legal obligations to employ preventative diplomacy, remaining impartial and abstaining from partaking in warfare, could be a large step in the direction of world peace. How can governments, groups or even individuals advocate neutrality in an attempt to decrease conflict and promote peace in the world? un.org/en/events/neutralityday
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More effective multinational organisations for peace
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More effective multinational organisations for peace

Neutrality is an important component of passing fair judgement or facilitating unbiased diplomacy. In this regard organisations such as the UN and the ICC are meant to fill this role in international relations, and prosecuting international crimes against humanity, however arguably due to structural limitations neutrality is not truly realised here. More effective or effectively structured neutral multinational organisations could possibly help bring about greater neutrality in international relations and greater peace along with this, but difficult changes from the current climate would be imperative.