Daniel Halliday
Feb 4 · Last update 12 days ago.
What is behind the protests in Sudan?
Sudan is a country with a history fraught with war and unrest, and protests are not unusual. However, these latest protests, already passing the 6 week mark, have turned anti government in nature as the governments opposition grows stronger. What led up to these latest protests in Sudan and could this signal a different course for the country politically?
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Attempt to destabilise the country
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Attempt to destabilise the country

Despite these protests Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir remains defiant, pointing out his long history of winning elections following his intial coup to take power in 1989. Bashir maintains that these protests have been massively exaggerated by the international media and are another ‘Arab Spring style’ demonstration designed to destabilise the country from outside in a similar way to Libya and Syria. He has encouraged protesters to engage in the democratic process and not try to organise or change the government through violence or social media.