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What lingering effects has the Bosnian War had?

The Bosnian War was a watershed moment in Europe as it became the stage for Europe’s last genocide and proved to be the most devastating conflict in the region since World War Two. The Bosnian War unfolded as part of the breakdown of Yugoslavia and ravaged the region from 1992 until 1995, as Bosnian Serbs sought to secure Bosnia and Herzegovina as an ethnic Serbian territory. The war is seen both as a tragedy and a diplomatic failure, with the scars of ethnic cleansing, systemic mass rape, and various other war crimes being felt decades later. What are the lingering effects of the Bosnian War, how has this conflict influenced the Balkans and the modern world?
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By the end of the war there were more than 100,000 casualties, mainly civilians, and millions of injured and displaced people, which has led to an lingering epidemic of traumatic mental health problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina. PTSD is most common in former soldiers, yet displaced persons, sexually abused men and women, and former camp detainees also face considerable on-going mental health issues stemming from witnessing the worst atrocities in post-WWII Europe. According to a study by the Ministry of Health, over 60% of the population of Sarajevo suffers from PTSD symptoms, while 73% have other stress related problems, proving soldiers and civilians alike still suffer from the horrors of what they have lived through. Most shocking however are sexual abuse survivors, with 20-50,000 survivors facing, not only the trauma of their experience, but often the rapist themselves, as most of the rapists have faced no punishment or prosecution and many reside in the same neighbourhoods as their wartime victims.

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