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Is the Second World War being misinterpreted to serve political ends?

The Second World War was a catastrophic conflict and a difficult subject to elucidate both at the time and in retrospect. However over seven decades after the largest conflict in history our understanding of the World War Two remains somewhat dependent on conventional understanding, propaganda and sometimes slanted misinterpretations. A clear example of this is in a White House press release to commemorate VE Day from May 2020, in which Donald Trump praised only "America and Great Britain" for "victory over the Nazis", clearly missing some of the largest contributions and sacrifices made by many other nations in stopping Nazi expansion. What are the popular misinterpretations that permeate this period of history at present? Could these examples of how the Second World War has been remembered incorrectly suit political ends? Or are they innocent examples of history being written by the victors? indy100.com/article/trump-ve-day-video-united-states-uk-allied-forces-world-war-ii-9507331
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Who "won" the war

Just like the White House press statement, responsibility for defeating the fascism is often put in the hands of the United States and the Britain exclusively, despite 80% of the Nazi casualties being at the hands of the Soviet Union. The Soviet's contribution to the war is often left out in the United States and Europe, and the cold war turn around their treatment by the US as a post war ally is also shocking, but arguably this decision is massively financial. Economically this war transformed the American economy, and reversing that might have forced the country back into depression, after the war the US decided to adapt an ally into a new enemy to continue the American war economy, birthing the military industrial complex.

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