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Were the Syrian Gas attacks a false flag?

There has been a history of chemical gas attacks during the Syrian Civil War, all of which proved to be watershed moments for the international community surround the question of intervening in the war. However the Syrian and Russian governments, a number of independent journalists and a series of whistleblowers from inside the UN’s OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) have questioned some or all of these attacks. This has led some critics to describe the gas attacks during the Syrian Civil War as “false flags”, an act committed with the intent of disguising who is responsible to blame another party, usually as a pretence to escalate a situation militarily. The use of false assertions by the Bush Administration that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD) as a pretext for the US invasion of Iraq and the Iraq War is often seen as a propagandistic false flag campaign. Are Syrian chemical weapons attacks the new Iraqi WMD propaganda campaign?
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Syria is such a mess we may never know
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Syria is such a mess we may never know

Both wars make little sense without considering the propaganda campaigns that culminated around them and the goals international actors have for involving themselves with them. Saddam Hussein was widely know to have used chemical weapons on Iraqi civilians in the 1980s, but there was no outward declaration of war until Saudi terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Centre which did prompt war decades later. Similarly Syria was accused of supporting terrorism in the Middle East, but it wasn’t until the Arab Spring uprising that the US armed “moderate rebels”, who turned out to be terrorists or trading US weapons with terrorists, turning Syria complete mess, a war we may never understand the true nature of. The whole cause and effect of both conflicts make little sense, both have been retrospectively reframed by top politicians who have admitted to them both being about the oil these countries possess. Both wars make little sense until viewed through this lens, in this way regardless of the type of propaganda used both wars are equally as unjustified.

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