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How can we best tackle the post-pandemic education crisis?

Some of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic are undoubtedly children. With billions out of school across the world for most of 2020 and with school disruptions thought to be likely to continue until 2024, we now face a lost generation of pandemic students far behind the educational standard expected of them. The issue of education during the pandemic has been made more complex by the massive disparities in at-home learning environments, which will only go to reinforce pre-pandemic economic inequalities to a greater degree. According to some, the remedies for this schooling crisis will have to be revolutionary to deal with the monumental scale of problems that now face young people in regard to their education, in what will become the great post-pandemic catch-up. How can we best deal with the global education crisis facing children after the pandemic?
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Tutoring has proven to be massive effective, the J-PAL North America publication summarised a meta-analysis of 96 randomised studies on tutoring programs highlighting the consistently large and positive impacts they can have on educational results and student wellbeing. It is thought that this style of one-to-one learning can help pinpoint holes in the students knowledge, whether due to absence, person problems, or especially now, the pandemic, helping students overcome gaps in their education on a personalised basis that a teacher of 30 student classes just doesn't have to time to offer. For high school students, tutoring is thought to have a average cumulative effect of equaling an additional school year-and-a-half over the student's educational career, while for younger students having effective tutoring equates to an extra half year of school. National tutoring policies could transform education, helping to bridge the gaps left by COVID, and also could help solve the massive employment crises we are likely to see crop up internationally.

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