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What led to the French Reign of Terror?

The Reign of Terror (or la Terreur in French) was a period following the French Revolution when numerous massacres and public executions took place. Over 16,000 death sentences were carried out across France, and over 2,000 of those were in Paris, an additional 10,000 died in prisons without trial. There is still historical dispute over when the killings began during the French Revolution, but what were the factors that led to this bloody episode in the history of France? What led to the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution?
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Rejection of religious authority
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Rejection of religious authority

The French Revolution was defined by an era of rational thought and new political ideas that questioned the structure of French society, and with that the validity and standing of the Catholic Church. At the time around 10% of French land belonged to The Church, the largest single landowner in the country under the Ancien Régime, the hereditary monarchy and feudal system of the French nobility. The Catholic Church was also exempt from taxation, while levying an income tax, known as a tithe, on the general population. The revolution caused a essential shift of power from the Catholic Church to the state and subsequently led to the de-christianisation movement that expropriated church lands, while killing or exiling priests. This anticlerical sentiment was a significant influence on the Reign of Terror and many priests became victims of this violent transition to secularism.

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