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Are Medellín’s Green Corridors the answer to climate change?

Medellín is Colombia’s second largest city and has employed innovative solutions for combatting some of the biggest problems facing the world’s urban populations. In 2016 the city began constructing “green corridors” in order to connect their, often degraded, green spaces while regenerating and connecting communities in the city, as well as reducing urban heat and pollution and increasing urban biodiversity. Medellín is also being highlighted as the model urban environment for tackling climate change, as the city's green corridors have the added benefit of sequestering large amounts of CO2 when compared with an average city. So, Are Medellín’s Green Corridors the answer to climate change? Is this too small a step or simple a step in the right direction?
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Medellín won the 2019 Cooling Award from the climate solution charity Ashden, this was due to the city's thirty massive green walkways and bike lanes interconnected in a 20km network and provided shade by canopied vegetation planted along them. The impetus behind the initiative was actually Medellín's heat and air pollution levels that were said to be at crisis levels, these huge corridors of foliage now help absorb pollutant and improve air quality while filtering carbon dioxide and actively cooling the city while physically providing shade, reducing average temperature by 2 degrees Celsius since 2018. The regeneration project has cost around $16.3 million, and costs a further $1.50 per square meter every few months to maintain, but the project has also trained 75 new professional gardeners across the city to sustain the new flora of Medellín. While projects like this may not single handedly solve climate change, they do successfully shift the city's in investment priorities in the right direction and help directly solve issues that large cities globally while connecting communities and generating new economic niches and opportunities to residents. Medellín should definitely be a model for other cities around the world, if all cities adopted a similar approach it would at least get us somewhere better than where we are at now...

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