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Do we need stricter laws controlling non-consensual image sharing?

Image-based sexual abuse, or “revenge porn”, involves the distribution of sexually explicit images or videos without the consent of the person involved. Such acts can have a huge detrimental impact on the victim, with possibly devastating social and psychological long-term impacts. Currently there are only basic laws in very few countries governing image-based sexual abuse. But with ‘deepfake’ technology becoming increasingly sophisticated image-based sexual abuse, revenge porn, or sextortion may soon be a much wider issue, with the possibility that anyone who has their picture online could become a victim moving forward. Are we teetering on the edge of image-based exploitation precipice? Do we need laws to cover the distribution of fake media? Do we need to change the law on non-consensual image sharing?
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There are already laws in some countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom, and most of the United States, and while others often have some from privacy legislation that can cover image-based sexual abuse, according to Law professor Mary Anne Franks most of these laws do not go far enough. While the UK is currently considering legislation to hold social media companies increasingly accountable for possible ‘deepfake’ images distributed through their services, it is likely that legal frameworks will be playing catch-up with rapidly evolving technology for quite some time. However these acts should be recognised as the crimes they are, they can also be linked to other forms of cyber crime such as sexual extortion, and they can damage mental health and ruin victim’s lives.

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