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Does the foster care system work?

Foster care is a system of state managed childcare for children and adolescents that have lost parents or have been removed from their parents by the state for their own safety, foster children are cared for in a group home or the private home of a certified caregiver. Despite being widely recognised a vital system for child protection, foster care systems internationally correlate with a wide range of negative consequences for the children that are raised in such care systems. Children in foster care have much higher rates of mental health problems, as well as future poverty and homelessness prospects, while a significant number of foster children are abused within the system itself? Does the foster care system work? Does foster care need structural reform? Or is it structurally inept at dealing with the problem of state childcare?
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The problems in the foster care system are inherent to children that have experienced trauma, and nearly all children will be in the foster care system because of traumatic events in life, either losing, being abused or being neglected by birth parents. For children grief is a significant life-long psychological hurdle, but children who are, or feel, rejected by their parents will have a host of problems including difficulty developing emotional intimacy. In which case they may not develop a parental bond with anyone and are more likely to form peer bonds in place of a nurturing parental bond, severe peer bonding in the place of parental bonds leaves children vulnerable to gang grooming and can lead to spiralling anti-social behaviours. But the problem would be much worse without state intervention, and the foster care system provides basic care for children that would otherwise be left destitute or in danger, the psychological problems resulting from the reason children are in care should not however be conflated too heavily with the foster care system itself.

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