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Why are drugs such a big problem in Scotland?

Scotland has the highest rate of drug overdose deaths in the whole of Europe, and in late 2020 this became the worst level of drug overdose death in the developed world, overtaking even America in per capita drug overdose deaths. However Scotland is a highly developed country with a large per capita GDP and a relatively small population, and can therefore provide higher standards of healthcare when comparing to neighbouring England or Wales. But despite this Scotland has one of the worst drug addiction rates, which only seem to be worsening. Why are drugs such a big problem in Scotland?
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The related housing issue
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The related housing issue

Scotland’s drug issues are intertwined with other problems of homelessness and social housing. Most housing insecure Scots are put into temporary housing while awaiting relocation, and this often takes place in hostels, many of which have exceedingly high levels of drug and alcohol abuse. This helps create an environment of no escape for housing insecure drug addicts in Scotland, surrounded by drug use and dealing there is little hope to avoid drugs. According to “Frankie” a long term drug user interviewed by ITV, “As long as you’re in these hostels you’ll never escape drink, drugs. Your next door neighbour to the right is doing cocaine, to the left is doing heroin, upstairs is doing valium. And then you go into the street and you’re surrounded by it.” [1]

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