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Is Mike Pompeo policy trolling ahead of Biden’s presidency?

During the tumultuous last few weeks of President Donald Trump’s presidency, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made a series of controversial foreign policy decisions; set to affect relations with Yemen, Cuba, Iran, and Taiwan/China moving forward. Trolling is the an Internet term for the act of posting insulting messages on a social media platform with the sole intension of annoying another user. Arguably Pompeo’s last minute foreign policy decisions could be seen as an attempt at trolling the Biden administration, making any change in foreign policy more difficult for the new administration. These decisions have been over-shadowed by the unprecedented events at the US Capitol in early January 2021, but if this is in fact the sole intention of these foreign policy amendments, does this undermine any assertion to professionalism that the outgoing foreign secretary could lay claim to? What is behind Mike Pompeo’s last minute foreign policy decisions?
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Mike Pompeo’s tirade of aggressive foreign policy decisions in the final days of the Trump presidency are widely seen as the dropping of foreign policy landmines in order to complicate the upcoming presidency of Joe Biden. Whether its undoing Obama-era policy that Biden pledged to take further, put the new administration in a situation its inevitably has to deescalate, or a push to distance the incoming administrations from Trump's closest international allies, Pompeo is recklessly playing politics. His last minute foreign policy aggressions will make back-tracking a diplomatically more difficult, but clearly inevitable, procedure - a clear attempt to sour Biden's relations with the nations closest to the Trump administration, and a set-up for future Republican foreign policy critiques.

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