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Was Einstein right about Israel?

In 1948 prominent physicist Albert Einstein signed a joint letter to the New York Times warning of Zionist Fascism in Israel following the Deir Yassin massacre. Einstein and his associates warned that the ultranationalist and religious/racial superiority doctrine that Zionist terrorist groups such as Irgun Zvai Leumi espoused could lead to Fascism, and compared such groups in their organisation, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and European Fascist parties. Today, Israel has often been compared to an apartheid state due to a strict system of control in the country, one which critics claim breaks international law and leaves Palestinians as second class citizens, but supporters dispute this. More controversially those that view their laws as deliberately disenfranchising to non-Jewish citizens have compared Israel, or the Israeli government, to Nazi Germany. What groups and massacres inspired this protest from Albert Einstein? Is it fair to draw parallels from this period of history and present day Israel? Was Einstein right about the potential for rightwing Zionism to lead to fascism in Israel? archive.org/details/AlbertEinsteinLetterToTheNewYorkTimes.December41948
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Yes, Einstein predicted the modern Israeli apartheid

Einstein predicted the modern apartheid of the Israeli state in 1948, his criticism and forewarning of the dangers inherent in the right-wing Zionism of parties such as Herut, of terrorism carried out in the name of Zionism, and of Israeli right-wing nationalism. The Herut (or freedom) party started by Manachem Begin was widely denounced as a fascist and terrorist organisation before being merged with other political parties to become Likud (or National Liberal Movement) the right-wing party in power for most of the last two decades. Likewise the terrorist groups that Einstein wrote about, Irgun and Lehi, are widely thought to have been forerunners to the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, with Irgun members known to have changed their names and go on to become Mossad agents. Having these elements that Einstein opposed reach such high and influential positions in the Israeli politics and security has clearly had the effect that Einstein feared (the imposition of a strict ID system, illegal settlements, separate roads for Israelis and Palestinians, military checkpoints, physical and economic blockades, as well as inequalities in rights, land, resources and infrastructure).

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