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Apple Vs. Facebook, who is right about user privacy?

On December 14th 2020 Apple released iOS 14.3 including a new “privacy labels” feature on its App Store, this new feature clearly displays what data any app will be able to collect from a user's device. Apple also added an opt-in requirement for apps that track user's personal data for advertising purposes. These new feature received significant pushback from Facebook, the social media company have run full-page advertising campaigns in the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal stating that these new features will harm small businesses that depend on targeted advertising to reach customers. Apple defended the changes as a step forward for transparency and customer choice, and ultimately Facebook will have to accept these new requirements. Who is right in the latest Apple-Facebook feud? What is more important, user privacy or small businesses free access to user data?
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Neither, both are trying to avoid public disfavour
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Neither, both are trying to avoid public disfavour

The ongoing feud between Apple and Facebook is less about online ethics or streamlining advertising, and is more like tech giant in-fighting to win the hearts of the public or sway public opinion, against a backdrop of huge ongoing anti-trust cases. The Federal Trade Commission is currently in the process of investigating tech giants like Facebook and popular opinion seems to be behind expanding anti-trust legislation and breaking up many of the biggest tech companies. According to a 2019 report form the Mozilla Foundation there has been a rise in user awareness surrounding some of the most disturbing online privacy trends, and an increasing number of people are wanting to change the current norms of private companies having ultimate say over important issues such as online privacy or free speech. This feud is likely to be ongoing as Apple and Facebook compete to come across as the tech company that is siding with the public.

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