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Are Apple saving children or spying on you?

Before releasing their latest operating system, iOS 15, Apple announced that they will include new measures in the their devices to combat child pornography. These new measures include alerts to parents for iMessages containing nude images sent to their child’s device, as well as automated hashing to automatically match any images stored in the Apple iCloud to known child sexual abuse material, reporting any matches to law enforcement. It is this second measure that has caused controversy amongst privacy advocates as some claim that this opens up a possible security back door that could be abused by authorities, governments, or hackers, and this undermines Apple's long term pro-privacy stance. What do you think? Are Apple trying to protect children? Or are they turning their back on privacy?
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Protecting children
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Protecting children

This is a good move on Apple's part; protecting children and helping to tackle paedophilia is of the most importance and should take precedence here. The extent to which these measures will jeopardise security has been overstated, the losses of security are incredibly modest, Apple’s system doesn’t look at actual photos but analyses digital hashes using methods that are standard and already used by big tech companies on most servers. Furthermore an Apple technical paper found that there is around a one in one trillion chance that a person will be mistakenly flagged over child pornography with this method, and the company has vowed to refuse any government request to search for anything other than child pornography. The new features received praise from law enforcement and victims rights advocates, the FBI and US Justice Department have said this move is vital in tackling not only child pornography but terrorism and other criminal acts that often go unpunished online.


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