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What can be done about post-pandemic unemployment?

Unemployment is possibly the most significant factor in post-pandemic economic recovery, as prolonged unemployment threatens to turn a post-pandemic recession into a post-pandemic depression. Millions of people around the world are already dealing with job losses due to the spread of COVID-19, with many more likely to lose employment as we head deeper into the second spike of the pandemic. Unemployment may also be further compounded as companies strive for innovation and automation as part of a post-pandemic search for robust pandemic-proof ways of doing business. How can we tackle unemployment moving forward after the COVID-19 pandemic? What are the most tried and tested unemployment fighting policies? How can we deal with the growing number of jobs what will change or become obsolete because of COVID-19?
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Government needs to step in for a Keynesian recovery
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Government needs to step in for a Keynesian recovery

Governments must stimulate the demand that the coronavirus has so harshly curbed, economic recovery, and employment with it, will only transpire if governments spend their way out of this pandemic. Governments may need to go as far as directly employing to deal with pandemic fall out even, only governments are in a position to supply the capital to support a flexible labour force that can go where needed and do the emergency work that is needed. Privatized responses to pandemic needs can be seen time and time again to be a epic failure, for example the failed privatised test and trace service in the UK, and has thwarted the county’s attempt at pandemic recovery. As for economic recovery temporary or declining monetary unemployment assistance isn't enough, governments need to secure jobs, like in Germany, or even create jobs, government spending is the only route out of this crisis and that applies to jobs too.

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