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Should Japan do more about the Mauritian oil spill?

(Picture from the equally as shocking 2019 Northeast Brazil oil spill) The Japanese large bulk cargo ship the ‘Wakashio’ became beached on coral reef off the shore of Mauritius on 25th July 2020. The ship later began to leak oil spilling around 1,000 tonnes of oil over the coming weeks as the ship broke apart. The spill was extremely devastating as nature and marine tourism accounts for a large proportion of the Mauritian economy, and the spill occurred off the coast from the Blue Bay, a marine park and area of international ecological importance. Scientists have referred to the spill as the worst environmental incident in Mauritian history, one which local authorities are struggling to grapple with and that will possibly have lingering effects for decades. With this in mind and considering this is a Japanese ship, despite the Panamanian flag of convenience, should the Japanese government do more to help Mauritius deal with this environmental disaster? news.yahoo.com/japanese-ship-involved-mauritius-oil-052541655.html
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No, responsibility lies with a private Japanese company

The MV Wakashio was owned by Japanese company Okiyo Martime Corp, itself a subsidiary of the Nagashiki Shipping Co. Ltd., and operated by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, these three Japanese companies should be assumed liable for the disaster. Japan's government established inspection body carried out an annual inspection of the ship in March, and blame for the accident seems to lie solely with the crew of the vessel, who claimed to be sailing too close to the coast seeking a better Wifi signal. Local police remain skeptical of this claim and have arrested ship captain, Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar, a 58 year-old Indian national, on suspicion of negligence. Clearly responsibility lies mainly with Mitsui OSK, who have stated publicly that they doubt whether the incident would have a significant effect on their earnings, they should be heavily penalised and should be the parties to act or pay damages to Mauritius.

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