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Why are people protesting HS2?

HS2 is the United Kingdom’s planned high-speed railway network, a continuation of the HS1 system that connects London to France and Belgium, however the projects has inspired numerous protests as opponents fear the environmental damage & the overwhelming cost of HS2. One protest encampment was set up in London’s Euston Square Gardens in September 2020, and by January 2021 the BBC revealed that Euston Sq. protestors had dug a series of tunnels stretching 100ft under Euston Sq. Gardens, in order to make eviction more difficult. Protesters are now locked in a grinding stalemate, as authorities are claiming they are endangering themselves, wasting the time of emergency services, and escalating the cost of HS2 to the taxpayer. What is going on in Euston Square Gardens? Who is right about HS2? Should the Euston Sq. Gardens protest be allowed to continue? Should the UK high-speed rail network go ahead?
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Environmentally damaging

Environmental protesters have occupied Euston Square Gardens digging tunnels to utilise Britain’s arduous health and safety legislation, in an effort to make the eviction process increasingly complex, therefore prolonging the protest and level of media exposure. The HS2 project is known to have planned and already carried out irreversible damage to ancient woodland’s, places of scientific interest and areas of natural beauty, to construct a network that only a slim margin of British society will be able to afford to use. Doubts have been cast over whether the company hired to facilitate the eviction, the National Eviction Team (NET), have the skills to carry out such a highly specialised form of eviction, removing protestors from self made underground tunnels.

Currently heavy machinery including construction equipment have been moved into Euston Square Gardens that could compromise the structure of the tunnels, so the protest looks like it will continue for some time or end in tragedy. Either way this is one of the most significant stands against HS2 and making martyrs for the cause, or allowing the protests to continue, will only cause support to grow for those opposing HS2. HS2 will cost everyone in the country monetarily and environmentally, while benefitting few, it should be radically rethought or scrapped as soon as possible.

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