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Was there a recent coup attempt in Haiti?

Violent clashes between protestors and the Haitian police have been on going for the past few weeks as Haiti’s government opposition says President Jovenel Moïse mandate ended on February 7th 2021, but the president maintains that he has another year in power. There is debate over whether the president’s term started in 2015, following widely criticised elections, or in 2017, when he took over during a period of political instability in the country, this debate has divided Haitians as it depends on constitutional interpretation. To complicate the situation further, in February 2021 Moïse claimed that there was an attempt on his life in an attempted coup d’état, while the opposition denounced this, saying it is just an attempt to tighten his grip on power beyond his mandated time in office. Is the Haitian opposition right to demand that Jovenel Moïse to leave power? Are the claims of a coup attempt accurate or a desperate attempt to cling to power? Can Haitian democracy recover from this impasse?
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Protests have been continuing in Haiti since 2019 when rising fuel prices ignited violent protests in the country, Haiti has long remained an unstable country, and this recent coup attempt is not out of character for a country afflicted by rampant violence and political instability. Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe has defended Moïse's claims, saying he has seen and heard proof of alleged attempted coup - audio recordings, signed documents and the text of an inaugural speech for the new president. Claims that Moïse's mandate has come to an end ignore the fact that special elections were held in February 2016 when Jocelerme Privert became interim president until new elections could be held and Moïse's current term as president actually started. Moïse has said himself that he is not a dictator, but remains steadfast that there was a conspiracy against his life, and enjoys the support of the Biden administration, the UN and the OAS, who maintain Moïse should remain president until Feb 7th 2022.

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