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Should Laurel Hubbard have been allowed to compete in the Olympics?

In the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games Laurel Hubbard became the first transgender athlete to compete in an Olympic event, competing in the +87 kg division of women's weightlifting. Hubbard transitioned and started hormone therapy in 2012 and did not begin competing in weightlifting events as a female until 2017; she was thought to have been set to be a medal winner at Tokyo 2020 but ultimately struggled and failed three consecutive snatch lifts, coming last. However, while Laurel Hubbard has enjoyed a lot of support in home country of New Zealand, her competing in women’s competitive weightlifting has long been a cause of controversy, with certain athletes, officials and even politicians arguing that it is unfair for her to compete in as a woman. Should Laurel Hubbard have been allowed to compete in the Olympics?
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It is unfair for Laurel Hubbard or any other transgender athlete born male to compete in women's sports, especially in a sport such as weightlifting as half a lifetime of testosterone and male muscular development cannot be undone by a course of hormone therapy. This unfair advantage was clearly in the minds of all athletes that made it to the podium in the women's +87kg lifting event, as when reporters asked what Li Wenwen of China, Emily Campbell of Great Britain, and Sarah Robles of the United States thought of Hubbard they were answer with silence before Robles added a kurt “No thank you” [1]. It is also now clear that even the International Olympic Committee believes this decision to have been unfair, as they have since described current guidelines as not fit for purpose and it is expected that sporting federations will set their own rules for there sports independently moving forward. This was a historic inclusive moment, but a clear mistake in terms of the Olympics being a fair sporting event.

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