Masaki Shibutani
Nov 5 ยท Last update 13 days ago.
Will society be better if a common person gets a gun?
There are many arguments about holding a gun. For example, it is the right to defend oneself, the suppression function. Brazil, known for its high crime rate, is trying to alleviate gun control under the new president. On the other hand, guns are used for many crimes. In the United States where people can have a gun, many gun shooting incident caused scores of casualties. Could it be that society is getting better by having a gun indeed by ordinary people?
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Access to a violent weapons will not alleviate violence
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Access to a violent weapons will not alleviate violence

If you maximise the number of guns in a society, you will provide that society not only with a dangerous weapon but also a weapon that can be used remotely and therefore maximise the opportunities of violence in the society. This level of remoteness from the violent action arguably goes some way to explain the raised statistics of violent crime in societies that have more guns. For example in the United States there is a direct correlation between a states gun ownership level and its murder rate.