Masaki Shibutani
Nov 28 · Last update 11 days ago.
Will Israeli West Bank Wall set many people peace?
The Israeli West Bank wall built 2000, Israel allege that it is a security wall about against terrorism, on the other hands, Palestine think that it is a segregation wall about racial problem or line of control national border. Construction of the wall, there may resolve many conflicts in this area. However, as the walls are built, various freedoms and rights are restricted for Palestinian. In this situation, do you think that continuing to build this wall will make peace in this area?
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No, this wall represents anything but peace

The Israeli West Bank wall is a 708 km barrier that divides the Palestinian West Bank from Israel. It acts as a barrier to control Palestinians, reducing Palestinian freedom and access resources and services in some areas, such as hospitals and schools. Israel is currently annexing 9.5% of the total area of the West Bank to the Israeli side as much of the wall is built on Palestinian land away from the border ‘Green Line’ area. In 2004 the United Nations’ International Court of Justice found the Israeli West Bank barrier to be “contrary to international law”.